Hey! I am Mohit, Professional Photographer

Photography always sparked interest in me and as I picked up my camera, I have been clicking photos. Along with photography I even have experience in videography and video editing. I took my first portrait shoot in the year 2018 and soo has started my career in this profession. 

Mohit pathak photogaphy

2021 -Lead Video Editor

I have worked with journalist Anil Thatte as a video editor for the Youtube channel Anil Thatte Gaganbhedi.

2018 - Freelance Photographer

I have been clicking pictures since the year 2018 and been doing soo with great passion. You can check out my work here.

2019-2021 - Lead Photographer

I have great experience in clicking photos of corporate events as I have been a lead photographer in my college for 3 years and have also been the head of my photography team in our college fest.