Meet The Team

Behind every memorable shot and every video that tells a story, there’s a team of passionate individuals who bring their artistry and expertise to your special days. We are photographers, videographers, editors, and creatives united by our love for capturing love.

Catch Every Smile

We make sure we’re never late, so all the happy moments, big and small, get caught on camera.

Eye for Beauty

We learn about your day through a 1:1 conversation and capture what’s most important for you every time.

We Fit Right In

Our team is really good at being part of your party without getting in the way, so you can enjoy your day without worry.

Photos to Keep Forever

Every photo we take for you is special, so you’ll have them to look back on for years.

Mohit Pathak

Founder and CEO, Mohit Pathak Studios

Capturing your stories with care and creativity. At Mohit Pathak Studios, we don’t just take pictures; we document the heart and soul of your most cherished moments.

From the subtle glances to the grand festivities, we’re here to preserve your milestones with the artistry they deserve.

Ready to create lasting memories? Reach out to us. Whether you want to discuss your vision or set a date, we’re here to listen and deliver. Your story is our canvas.

Your Moments, Our Lens

At Mohit Pathak Studios, we don’t just capture images; we capture emotions, the authentic moments that make your event truly yours. Our approach is all about blending into your special day to catch those unscripted smiles and tears of joy. Each photograph is a testament to the beauty and uniqueness of your personal story.

Cinematography That Speaks

Video is more than movement. It’s emotion, narrative, and rhythm are all captured in one frame after another. Mohit Pathak Studios doesn’t just record events; we produce cinematic experiences that you can relive, time and again.

Your Story Through Our Eyes

We believe in creating a connection between subjects and lenses and between hearts and memories. Our cameras are tools to forge a bond that will last beyond the fleeting moments of your celebrations.

A Focus on the Details

The little details make the biggest impact. That’s why we’re meticulous about every shot, from the lighting and composition to the timing and expression. Our goal is to create photos that not only remind you of your special day but also reveal the depth of the emotions felt.

Our Partners

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