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Every smile, every tear, every laugh – they’re the stories of your life. I’m here to capture them all, turning your precious moments into memories you’ll cherish forever. From your first steps down the aisle to celebrating milestones with loved ones, your journey deserves to be remembered.

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Mohit Pathak

Capturing Your Milestones With Heart

100,000+ Photos   |   5,000+ Videos   |   500+ Events Captured

I am Mohit Pathak, and through my lens, over 100,000 photos have told tales of love, joy, and every emotion in between. With more than 5,000 videos and 500 events captured, my camera has been a silent witness to the whispers of love and the grand symphonies of celebration.

Each snapshot and film is a testament to the trust bestowed upon me to preserve the golden threads of life’s most cherished events. My journey has not just been about capturing moments, but about immersing myself in them — feeling the heartbeat of your stories, the texture of your celebrations, and the colors of your emotions.

Your milestones are the stars of the show, and I’m here to give them the stage they deserve. From the subtle glances to the grand gestures, your memories will be framed with the care and dedication they warrant. Let’s create a visual legacy that brings your stories to life, time and time again.

Your journey is unique, and I’m here with my camera to accompany you on this ride — to celebrate, document, and honor your personal history. When you choose me as your photographer, you’re not just getting a service; you’re gaining a storyteller dedicated to turning your personal moments into a legacy of images and films. Let’s capture the magic together.







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